This site started as a bit of an experiment to learn new languages and deployment techniques
Hopefully some of these tools may prove useful or entertaining

Several of them regard the US Stock Market including
Daily Options Activity
Intrinsic Security Analysis
News Sifting
which allow you to evaluate the previous day's options activities,
analyze the manner in which a collection of option's contracts will intrinsically develop over time,
and continuously sift through recent news publications for key terms, respectively

Global Events provides a couple of global maps
The first is of fatal landslides from 1988 to 2017
The second is of all the known meteorite landings prior to May, 2018
Both maps were created from data acquired from NASA's Data Portal

Physics is a series of live-updating vector calculators (dot & cross product, etc) and converters

Satellites and Planets are currently being actively developed
The first functions as a method to visualize satellites based on their classical orbital elements
The second is a manner of visualizing the differences in planetary shapes, sizes, spins, and rotational speeds
More features, optimizations, and interactions to follow

And finally, Music-Trainer is an interactive method to acquire the skills necessary to read sheet music notation

Separate from this website, RecipeConversion.com is a site to scale recipes and determine rate limiters
And SpeedReadMe.com is a site to quickly read a body of text without the need to scan across a page
Similar to this site, however, both of these other websites are in the early stages of continuous development

Hopefully you enjoy some of the features here. Please email any comments, questions, or critiques to home@andreltorres.com